Tuesday, April 03, 2007

#118: Wal-Mart

It looks like I'm back to writing individual limericks again. The stroy worked its way into a corner (no thanks to me :\) If anyone wants to see the story from the beginning and follow all the twists and turns go to post: Royalty.

A store that sells many devices,

Must sell them at discounted prices.

With treacherous guile,

They put on a smile.

And sprinkle the shoppers with spices.


sigg said...

Riffing off your beginning:

It's a store with many devices
And sells them for discounted prices
But it's crowded and loud.
I won't go I've avowed
Cause for shopping, it barely suffices.

Mary said...

Sigg and Justin, I find your devices
Make each limerick one that entices,
And I save them entire,
So they'll some day inspire
My own pen when in limerick crisis!