Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I hope that in my abscense people have stopped checking the blog because they'll be missing out.

As time went on, I realized that the limericks had lost the brilliance and originality that they contained when I first started writing. It saddens me to say that my quest to write one limerick everyday is over; however, thank you everyone who helped me to get to 155 limericks. That should be an accomplishment within itself. Limericks arn't the easiest poems to write correctly, and those who read the blog can say without a shadow of a doubt that, I always tried to make my meter and ryhming as perfect as possible. I've decided to end the daily limerick quest officially, and start a new one. One that should have been the main focus from the beginning: Writing daily about anything related to limericks. That's my resolve from now on.

I hope this isn't a turn off to the many readers I've gained over time and I apologize for making you wait over twenty days without any explanation at all! Finals and many projects took up most of my time; the blog wasn't the main thing on my mind. So, it's safe to come back to reading daily, and, don't worry; the overall quest of becoming a blog of note is still active. It'll take some work though, so, please don't stop the encouraging comments


AnoNick said...

Hey, I love your limericks, better than mine. :) (I don't pay attention to metre all that much.)

I think it happens, you get into a creative low. Happened to me many times. My suggestion is keep writing, write as many as you can, and you'll get back the "originality" you seek. :)

sigg said...

I thought you had set up a very ambitious schedule for yourself. I think you are far better off posting when the muse strikes than feeling the grinding pressure to post a limerick just to fulfill a quota.

Some ideas you can do for your blog:

Have a "complete the limerick contest" where you supply a line or two and your readers give you possible ending lines.

Have a tortured rhyme limerick challenge.

Most dreadful pun limerick

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