Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Without Further Intrerruption...

I'd like to announce the new name of this blog: Limerick Lore.

thanks for all the support so far.

-J-Man Jeff


Aparna Ray said...

Hi you could also contact Avi Das at avee67[at]gmail[dot]com


sigg said...

Since the rename to Limerick Lore,
It is sad, but the site is a bore.
There's been nary a post
From our copious host.
J-Man Jeff, will you please write some more?

Mary said...

I am missin' our sharp Jman Jeff-ty,
Whose site once with limericks was hefty!
Say, man whatcha been doin'?
More verses a-brewin'?
"Cause I truly am feeling berefty!

Mary of
Mary's Musings