Friday, December 08, 2006

#2: Limericks

Ha...a limerick about limericks...what a joke!


My blog about limericks is grand.

The limericks are in high demand.

I write them with ease,

I have expertise.

And the critics do not understand.


Helena said...

Jeff- That was a good one--If I knew how to add links/posts to my blog I would add yours :>)-Helena

Anonymous said...


click to the blogger icon in the upper left corner, go to layout, go to add page element, go to add links, type in link address, save changes, drag to proper location, save changes, view blog. bilzor at

AmyD said...

Love the blog. Limericks rock. Thanks for the laugh.

Amy from

Helena said...

Thanks Jeff,,,Yours shall be in there!

J-Man Jeff said...

i added a link to your blog helena...thanks for the comments!