Sunday, December 10, 2006

#4: Not So Jolly Christmas

Theres a scandal going on at the north pole. Not all is jolly.

Not So Jolly Christmas

It’s Christmas two thousand and six,

Kris Kringle is up to old tricks.

He plows through the snow,

But when Rudolph is slow…

…St. Nicolas beats him with bricks.


Rose DesRochers said...

I really enjoyed your limericks!


-K- said...

There once was limmericker named Jeff
Whose rhymes were never graded as "F".
But his attempts at a blog
I fear will be a tough slog
and we will be left bereft.

The Hatchling Press said...

What a guy, that Santa!
Thanks for the link, I'll be adding one for you.
Keep on goin'!

alarges2 said...

If you post a limerick a day
Don't keep the doctor away.
As much as he can do
He'll be useful to you.
And we'll be happy making hurrah.

AnoNick said...

Liked it! lol, very nice... keep 'em coming!

Rachel said...

Ha! I like this one the best. If I link you, could I put it in my blog? Stop in and let me know if thats ok...

J-Man Jeff said...

yea sure...please include a link to the blog and include my name in the post...i dont have a problem! thanks alot! i appreciate it.