Thursday, December 14, 2006

#8: The Kinds of Brides You Don't Want

This is the one week anniversary of the blog. This poem is my seventh, I only need 358 more! Keep the comments and suggestions coming!

The Kind of Brides You Don’t Want

There was a young bride getting dressed.

She looked just as well as the rest.

She drank her perfume,

And her father presumed

That perfume would be hard to digest.


The Hatchling Press said...

Happy Anniversary!
One week down, 51 to go
You can do it, don't yah know.
Stay on the track
Don't look back.
And from the rooftop you can crow!

Rachel said...

she drank her perfume
and then kissed the groom
he tried his best not to protest.

i dont know jack about limericks sorry if thats the wrong format?