Wednesday, January 03, 2007

#28: A Cry for Inspiration

I mean this. If anyone has a topic for a good limerick, please let me know. My pot o' golden ideas is running dangerously low!
A Cry for Inspiration

My passion for limericks accrues.

But I still need to look for my muse.

If you know where to go

To find ideas that grow,

Let me know because I won’t refuse.


still standing said...

hmmm. . .
Perhaps going through the alphabet.

A little girl with a golden Angel
Felt special in every way
She kept it close by
And never would cry
Even when it flew away.

Poorly done, I know. I don’t even think that it qualifies as a limerick.
See what you can do with it. . . .
I’ll be back to check on your progress. ;)

Still Standing

J-Man Jeff said...

i like the idea of the alphabet...i think it will work..thanks!