Monday, January 08, 2007

#33: Boris the Blacksmith

If you haven't noticed, I'm taking the suggestion of a reader and going down the alphabet with my limerick titles. Thanks for the suggestion. (I can't wait for "X" and "Q"). i was thinking of adding small pictures to poems also. what do you think? Please comment.

Boris the Blacksmith

Boris the blacksmith was flying.

And gravity he was defying.

But then out of the blue,

Something shaped like a shoe

Bopped old’ Boris and he started crying.


Mary said...

Hi Jeff!

Sorry for the double post about poor Abby the Angel.

When you get to the M's, you have my permission to write about "Mary the Butterfingered." :)

I hope Boris survived that flying shoe.


Helena said...

Hi Jeff, I think pictures along with the limerick would be great.

The Hatchling Press said...

A big yes! Would love to see the pics you would choose to accompany some of these limericks!