Tuesday, January 23, 2007

#48: Royalty (cont'd)

I'm liking the idea of the man and his cat, but I need a couple of good names that will fit in meter. Got suggestions?

Royalty, (cont’d)

When the man and his cat drove away,

the sky turned from sunny to gray.

But what they didn’t know,

Was that ten years ago,

Queen Elizabeth wore a toupee!


Mary said...

Hey Jeff!

You're getting more creative every day. I really enjoy reading you.

To your query, how about:

"When Brownie and Kit drove away"?

Would put the focus on Queen Victoria--remember the movie "Mrs. Brown"?

And driving isn't necessarily done in an automobile. One "drives" the horse or horses in a horse-drawn carriage.

Well, just a thought.

I really like the limerick, even with a nameless man, cat, and Queen, Jeff.

And I like the idea of a series of limericks telling a story.


Mary said...

Hey J-Man Jeff!

Second thoughts--just realized that you'd probably have to change the last line to "Queen Victoria" if you went with my little brainstorm.

So, how about:

"When Leicester and Kit drove away."

Queen Elizabeth the First was smitten with the Earl of Leicester, according to historical accounts.

Additionally, you would tap into a double meaning here. Kit Marlowe is from the same time period:


Actual name Christopher Marlowe, a playwright contemporary of Shakespeare--but he went by "Kit."

He was involved in some shady deals, and Queen E. the First was noted for suspecting conspiracies all around her.


J-Man Jeff said...

good ideas! thanks. I'm going with Brownie and Kit only because it fits a little better in a limericks meter.