Saturday, February 10, 2007

#66: So, It didn't Really Happen?

I hope you like the twist I've put on the story! For a second, I thought it was over...

So, It Didn’t Really Happen?

Well the king thought that this was enough.

This new story was violent and rough.

So he put the book down,

And went out into town

He forgot he was still in the buff!


Mary said...

J-Msn Jeff!

I love it!

Keep a-writin'!

Limerick-Loving Mary

Mary said...

'Scuse the typo please! Should have used preview.

I did mean to address you as J-Man Jeff!

And I can hardly wait to find out what happens with this King!

Will the on-going story exhibit resonances with the old "fairy-tale" The Emperor's New Clothes?