Thursday, February 15, 2007

#71: Family Reunion

Ok, the story resumes. it may seem random, but like fine wine, this story takes years to age! Maybe not years, but wait until tommorow.

Family Reunion

As the King’s niece drove to his estate,

Her sedan broke the wall and his gate.

But the King did not care,

Other girls don’t compare

To his niece and sole heir

Within days all will bow down to Kate!

1 comment:

Mary said...

Good Morning, J-Man Jeff!

You're doing great on the narrative side!

New character, new suspense. :)

On the technical side:
Is your shift from 5 lines to 6 deliberate?

I know you needed the extra line to get all the info in about Kate.

It's just that it was a show-stopper for me, for just a second.

But if you want to push the envelope of the limerick form a little bit, you're in the best of modern-poetry traditions!


P.S. I learned to make clickable links and put you on my new blog in a Links section--but then the link stopped working.

So I deleted everything in that section--back to the drawing board. I'll succeed eventually, I hope. M.