Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Not A Limerick: Acknowledgements and Clarification

Sorry its so long...I have alot to say tonight

So, I'd like to point out that I've been tracking my blogs progress with google analytics. The results are somewhat suprising! In LESS than three days, my blog went from 700 to over 800 unique visitors. Thanks to all that have ever read, commented or VISITED my blog.
Special Acknowledgements go to a select few bloggers that I feel have gone out of their way to, not only read the blog often, but become frequent commenters.

-Mary (of http://mary-marysmusings.blogspot.com/) For frequent comments and suggestions, and from what I read on the OEDILF forums, she has been reading ever since January! Thanks! By far, she is THE most frequent commentor and even gave me the main suggestion for my idea of posting limericks in the form of a story!

-Courtney (for sending the excellent site to me[gotta check em' out!] www.oedilf.com) Her blog is: http://fifer-traeger.blogspot.com/

-Lauren S. (for linking to me, continued comments/ suggestions) Check out her blog as well. http://bamagirlinthecity.blogspot.com

-Editor of OEDILF- Not only a fellow Norwalkian (I think thats correct), but has expressed intrest in the blog and encouraged me to join the team. (I have....btw)

-Robin: In my early stages of stunted limerickal development, this blogger came by with repeated encouraging comments. Thanks! http://creativewritintravel.blogspot.com/

-Margaret- Owner of http://thehatchlingpress.blogspot.com. The poems featured there are good and she has offered comments often. Thanks to you too!

-Prof. R.K Singh- THis man not only provided great comments but, suggested that I try to publish my works elsewhere. I haven't looked for a publisher yet (frankly, I don't know where to start) however, I have entered my writing into several contests. http://rksinghpoet.blogspot.com

Many thanks to the other readers of mine. These readers did something that made them stick out in my mind, wheter its a comment on most limericks or directing me to a place where a larger audience of people can view my poems. Thanks to All!

Now...finally....THE CLARIFICATION!!!
-It's come to my attention via a post on an online forum on www.oedilf.com that my readers think I am older than I actually am. I didn't mean to set off this kind of confusion. :\

-In my profile I said I was a freshman, and that IS true. But not in college. Im still a ninth grader and the fact that my readers think that I was a freshman in college bewilders me and in a weird way, gives me a warm fuzzy feeling all over. Thanks for the fuzzy feeling just wanted to clear it up.

p.s- Mary, although I don't respond to comments on my own blog, the post on the forum has made me think that it's only a common courtesy to respond to my comments. So.....as of today, all comments, I'll try to respond to with a legitimate comment on the commenters blog. :)
Limerick coming soon!!!

1 comment:

Mary said...

Wow, Jeff!
Thank you so much for featuring me in your thank-yous, acknowledgments, and clarifications.

I guess I'm good at jumping to conclusions--my apologies for promoting you to college level prematurely.

A high-school freshman! Only in the 9th grade and already so skilled with language!

Jeff, I am so impressed that I don't have words to tell you how much.

As a retired public school teacher--I taught six classes of freshman English one year and then moved back to the elementary grades--let me say that it's rare to encounter talent like yours.

Keep up the good work. I'll be reading you every day.