Friday, March 02, 2007

#86: Skeptical


Now I will go back to the story.

I hope that it wasn’t too gory.

Yet, its easy to feel

That your poems don’t appeal

And it seems that your techniques are hoary.

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Mary said...

Jeff, your own ear and taste are your guide.
Some may praise you and some may deride,
But you cannot please all.
It's your own judgment call,
And so you are the one to decide.

I've been writing for 75 years,
Filled with smiles and with laughter and tears.
It is fun just to do.
May success come to you;
As it will, I predict, with my cheers.

No, I don't think your plot is too gory.
You've concocted a wonderful story,
And your rhymes are improving.
Your meter is moving--
Movies beckon. Keep on with your foray!