Monday, March 05, 2007

#89: Fire


Next the father awoke in a daze,

And his indistinct gaze was in haze.

But alas! He awoke,

At the smell of the smoke

That was razing is house with a blaze!

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Mary said...

Great new direction, Jeff!

You are exploring the relationship of the father and son, and the events of their lives with economy, dispatch, and suspense. (I might just mention--edit to correct the typo "is" for "his"? I make typos a lot. It's rare to spot one from you.)

The best thing about the format of your story is that you leave the storybook from which the father reads to the son available.

You can begin a new story there, too, at any time. It will be like Chaucer's "Canterbury Tales" then, or Scheherezade's
"Arabian Nights."