Saturday, March 03, 2007

Limerick Blog- Newsimericks

I found a site that makes limericks out of current events. Sometimes the metr is off, but overall, the limericcks are of good quality.

My favorit post from theat site:

H/P for the blog:

Limerick Coming Soon!

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Aparna Ray said...

Hi Jeff,

Came to your site from my sitemeter. You have a lovely blog and I enjoyed the limericks thoroughly. Thanks for commenting about my blog.

Yep, meter to be looked into in greater detail. However, as discussion with some of my fellow OEDIF-ers reveal, which word you stress is sometimes a function of the country where you come from...ex: American english vs. British and then how we Indians pronounce and speak English and suchlike.

Welcome to my blog and also see you at OEDILF :-)